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Only 14 km far from the peninsula of Collo, one of the best touristic sites in Algeria, the village of zitouna remains unknown.

 zitouna  receives its visitor with a pretty fir plantation on the top of the road and beautiful plane trees below. 

formed of small houses scattered in the piedmont of the mount of gouffi (almost 1200 m).

in the south of the most septentrional course of africa  ( bougarouni course), at 600 m to the top of sea level, it knows the highest rate of rainfall in algeria with 1800 mysters water. 

between the sea and the mountain, it gives a nice panorama where from any point of the village, you can see the Peninsula and the passage of the boats. the deep blue sea contrasts with the tender green of the immense forest of cork oaks.

After contemplating this nice panorama, and just in the middle of the village, you can visit the olive-tree witch counts more than 1500 years and from witch the village gets his name.

we continue our walk, we discover the old village Bessombourg, the capital of cork, its name came from the name of the founder of the company Pierre Besson who began the exploitation in the area in 1862. the church is still standing like for witnessing the passage of the Christians in this Muslim country. 

Here the new coasts along the old buildings. One can relax on the beautiful ' Place de la liberté ' for a drink amongst friends.

As the day draws to an end, your heart is filled with special emotions.





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